Our super fast development cycles and the convoluted nature of our product gave rise to the ideology of development kits. We thought of the entire product as a complex organism and then broke things down to atoms and molecules - and thus multiple development kits were born - we had an UI Kit, Network Kit, Online Ordering Kit, Image Handling kit…you get the idea.

This version saw a major cleanup of our code into functional and robust libraries and development kits - such was the ease of usage of the kits that we even tied up with a Snapdeal, Helpchat and the likes by providing them with our Online Ordering kit. Read more about this here and here.

Major changes in this version also included the following-
  • Complete backward combatibility with Marshmallow - With the release of Android 6.0 major code changes were needed to make sure every aspect of the app worked fine.
  • The app size came under 10 Mb for the first time in two years!
  • New Image Filters! - watch this space Instagram! ahem! And guess what, we open sourced it - Read more about it on Zomato’s Engineering blog and fork it on GitHub!
  • Invited by Google to be one of world’s first 20 products to integrate Google Now cards.
  • Moved from multiple tabs on Home to a single tab app with importance to the Hamburger menu.
  • Integration with Uber.

Here are some screens from this version-

New Home Page with the Hamburger menu

Photo Upload Flow with the new Image Filters

Search with Map view and List view